Two - tones quilling flowers and leaves

It's official!!! I'm a quilling addict!! LOL! Seriously.....ever since I've started playing with this new technique....I just couldn't stop! I don't know's taking over my life!! It's like I'm so drawn to this new toy and I couldn't stop playing with it. It's unstoppable! Arrrrggghhhhh!! Help!!! 

I just couldn't take my mind of it's something about the way the paper coils up and how I can shape the paper into whatever shape that I's such a wonderful wonderful feeling hehehehe..... :D. I've been playing with the shapes and the layering of the paper......tried to combine whatever paper I had available and see what color paper goes well together. I don't want to spend more money buying more I just use whatever paper I had available and make it work. So that's what I've been doing.....just experimenting and experimenting non stop hahahha.......

I was so excited when I was able to do the layering of two color papers for the flowers and leaves.....I realise now that it all depends on the length of the paper strips....the longer it is....the bigger the if you wanna do smaller petals or leaf......then the length should be shorter. You have to measure the length of the paper strips that you plan to that you will always get the same shape of coils. You can't just simply cut any length you like. You need to measure everything up. Yup.....we do use a lot of mathematics in art hahahaha......can't get away without it. It's inevitable.....we artists do need mathematics in our creations hehehe......

I'm also thinking of using this technique for my pending I wanted to see if I could apply it for the custom made orders I had......if it was suitable or not. Because right this moment....all I want to do is quilling and quilling and quilling hahahahahhaha!!! I'm obsessed with it......oh God!!! I never knew I was going to be so addicted to it.......never imagine it. I donno will know it if you yourself give it a try.......see if this kinda thing happens to you too! See if you are going to be addicted as well like ME! LOL! 


mama zharfan said…
it's sooo lovely!!
Anonymous said…
hi azlina,

i cant believe how super neat u r with yo work.... masha allah..... hope to c loads more quilling from u... i have learnt alot on cardmaking by jus looking at yo blog.... u seem to be very organized ... i think thats my weak point... im very messy with my stuff... great job.. keep up the good work..!!!

best wishes
shaziya :-)
Azlina Abdul said…
Mama Zharfan....thank you so much dear!!! :) :) :)

Shaziya.....thank you so much!! Actually in card making, you have no choice but to be neat and meticulous in your work....but if you look at my working table, you will be shocked because it's so messy hahaha....LOL! The cards are neatly made...but the working table looks like it's been hit by a bomb hahahaha Insyaallah, I will be posting more on quilling in future...since I'm so addicted to that technique now hehehe....I'm so happy to know that my blog has taught you a lot on card making...I'm glad what I share here inspires you to make cards too. Thank you again for your lovely words and wishes!! ;)
Miyyah said…
Hahaha.. bitten by the quilling bug, I guess. :P Welcome to the club then hahaha. Abisla, lepas ni mesti nampak apa2 pun berpusing2 macam quilling swirls tu je gak hahaha.
Azlina Abdul said…
hahahaha Miyyah....tu laa...I guess I got bit by the quilling bug la...tapi tu la tak tau la sampai bila nak rasa syok buat quilling nih...coz I ni jenis cepat bosan....maybe this is just a temporary thing...I donno laa....will have to wait and see how it goes...only time will tell. :) For now, memang addicted habis hehehe!
Flowers said…
Wow...this paper flower looks awesome. i have never seen anything like it.
Azlina Abdul said…
Flowers....Thank you :) It's a quilling technique I've just's addictive hehehe
Custom Quilling said…
Quilling can become VERY addictive, I began in 1975!
You can glue many different color strips together to form one,for a really cool look.
There are also pre-cut strips that fade light to dark or the reverse. Strips that have different colors on each side, edged in metallic, pearlized, and so many more. The world of quilling has exploded with new materials the past few years!

Keep on Quillin',
Denise ~ Custom Quilling Supplies
Azlina Abdul said…
Hello Denise!
Wow! You've been quilling since 1975?? I was born in 1975...gosh!!! You must be a super duper expert on this hehehe....I've just started learning this technique and I'm loving it so much already. I love your blog....and the tips I get from it....thank you so much for sharing's so exciting!!! :) Thank you so much for commenting and visiting my blog! ;)
Ann said…
Azlina, I'm another one who can identify with your passion for rolling little bits of paper. Your flower is lovely... am sure you're on your way to making lots more quilled designs - have fun!
Azlina Abdul said…
Hello Ann! Thank you so much for visiting me...I love your blog! Eye candy for quilling lovers like me! Thank you again!
Paperika said…
I just ran across your blog after doing a search for husking tutorials. Your blog is gorgeous. So many creative things, and I am learning tons! I made a tiny looped flower with 5 petals and one with 6 petals and now I am doing the 2 tone paper flowers. I am obsessed with quilling now, and I've read your other posts too, and I agree--husking/using the comb is sooooo much fun. In many ways, I am better at that, then I am with using the slotted tool!
Hi Paperika!
What a lovely name! ;)
Thank you so much for visiting and browsing my blog, I appreciate it very much. I'm so happy to know that you have learned a lot here and loving the combing technique!! It is so much fun!! hehe. Have fun with the quilling comb ;)


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