Pop up princess....


A princess theme card for a little girl.....who's birthday was celebrated last week. Her grandmother insisted that I made a pop up birthday card for her even though her birthday has already passed. I just winged it since I am not really that good at making cards for kids. I'm always blur blur one when it comes to this hehehe. So I did a little research and came up with this design. :)

I tried stamping this time. I have this star shape clear stamps......one big one, one small one. I stamped a silver color star on a pink paper and cut out the shape....then I added silver glitter glue on it. In the middle of it, there is a small star, so I added a pink glitter glue in it too. This makes it sparkle and shine when it hits the light :).I can't remember if I have ever done this color combination before but I kinda like it......it's sweet.....all soft colors of pink, purple and blue.....looks sweet to me :). 

The pop up inside was tough.......I had a hard time making the figure of the little girl. You see, the smaller the shape....the harder it gets to draw and cut out the shapes of the figure. To assemble the small body parts one by one is really tricky. It's hard working on small shapes.....but what can I do, in order to fit in the girl in a standing position, the figure has to be small in size. I really enjoy stamping the stars inside the card.....it's simple and fast. It's fun :).


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