I received a request from a customer who was interested in my V002 (Valentine's Day Card). That card had a different set of color combination and she wanted the card to be in Red, Black and White combination. So I said, ok....no problem...it can be done :). I suggested to her that the base of the card to be in black color so that I can do the heart shapes in red and white. And she agreed to that :)......so that's how this card design came about.

I did made some changes though to the card. If you compare the original design to this one....you could see the difference in the arrangement of the heart shapes at the bottom of the card. And quite frankly I prefer this new arrangement :). Since at the moment I'm so into quilling......I decided to add a quilled heart at the wordings hehehe......just a cute one. Very simple right? :)

This is a small note card.....no pop ups inside....no wordings inside either. But there is a blank white paper inserted on the inside for her to write her own special wishes. I heart this card now hehehe...... ;)


SHASHA said…
wow... it's so beautiful.. i like this one...
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! Appreciate it very much! :)

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