Happy Teachers' Day Sweetheart...


Yippeee! I did it! I managed to do more of quilling this week! I'm so excited! I practiced and practiced the quilling tear drop shape so many times! LOL! At last I got the hang if it and made some cute small ones. I still have not tried layering it with different colors. Step by step....baby steps.....perhaps in another time I will experiment with the layering. For now, it's just simple quilling for me :). 

I had this request to do a teachers' day card from a regular customer of mine. She's been waiting for me to do this for quite sometime now. I still have a lot more pending orders to finish up huhuhuhu......so many are waiting in line..... :( I'm so slow huhuhu ......anyways, I was thinking of a design for the front cover and I thought of doing this quilling design on it for a change. I didn't even ask her if she would like that.....I just gambled and did it anyways....hoping that she would love it as much as I do. Thank God when I showed it to her today, she loved it! Yay! Phew!

She wanted a pop up lady similar to the one I've done before (the shopaholic theme), so I did that but the difference is I changed the colors of her clothes, no handbags and  no shopping bags and added a blackboard behind her and her holding some books and a chalk hehehehe......just to show that she is a teacher. hehehe! I'm pretty much happy with the way it turned out.  :) Hope to experiment more with quilling patterns in my future designs...hehehe!


wow! what a beautiful teacher's day card! love the orange laces and how you decorated the quilling papers on the card! weee wiiitttt! lovely~
mangosteenskin said…
Aiyoooo Lin! Cantik sangat! Speechless!!
Azlina Abdul said…
Hello girls!!
Evelyn...thank you! hehehe!

Mango....aiyoyoyoyo....manyak2 terima kasih wooooo hehehehe!
Miyyah said…
*swoon* sangat suka itu bunga oren!! Totally love the design Lin!!! Love the orange/ pink/ white combination.. lama dah nak buat orange card tapi selalu x terbuat hehe.. And i love the shades of green. Green tone yg sangat cantekkkk (ni green bias ni :P)
fadzni & azilah said…
Cantik! and sgt kemas as always !

Noor Faridah said…
kak lin!!!!! this is so beautiful!!! i fall in love wit tis card...n this quiling technique as well....its time for me to do experiments with quiling =p
Azlina Abdul said…
Miyyah....thank you!! I love that combination too! I call it the Dunkin Donut color hahahaha because they use those colors too!LOL! You should give it a try, I would love to see how you do it...mesti cantikkk hehehe! ;)

Azilah...thank you so much!!! :)

Noor....thank you so much!! I heart this card too....yup! you should start quilling too! I would love to see your designs soon! Experiment banyak2 ye! Practice and practice...just like me....hehehe! :)
Ayu Ikhwani said…
Wahhhh~~ Cantiknye~
Miss Cheah said…
VEry useful tips. I'll try to follow them. Do visit my blog. htth://shuangxingfu.blogspot.com
wahhh,sangat cantik!!
Azlina Abdul said…
Ayu Ikhwani...thank you so much! :)

Miss Cheah.... :) that's great! I've visited your blog already...very interesting!

Nasuha....thank you so much!! :)

Thank you all for visiting and for your lovely comments! :)
Grace to You said…
Wow, not just flowers but also using quilling to decorate the corners...beautiful!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Sandi! It was difficult but worth all the trouble ehehhee :)

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