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I am writing this entry in response to my fellow blogger Evelyn of Purple Collection who inquired about glitter glue. I thought perhaps if I blogged about it here then at least more people can benefit from this inquiry hehehe. least I hope so that this entry can help hehehe....if not much as least a little bit. :)  I myself am still doing research on it and am still learning. you can see from the photos above, these are the glitter glues and glitter powders that I have in my collection. I've been collecting these over the past few years. In my search for craft materials, I've come across with a few types that actually are great for card making and have stuck with the product till now, but some of which I will never buy again because of it's lack of performance. What I mean is, the product does not look great when applied on the paper or card. Ok, I will try and explain about the products above one by one below.

So far....this type of glitter glue is my most favorite at the moment. I use it a lot for my handmade cards lately. The glitter inside the glue are quite fine in size and good in quality. The glue itself is very fluid and flows really well from the bottle. I'm loving it so much :) When it dries, it give a really sparkling effect. I bought this in a stationary shop in Alor Setar. It is also available in other craft shops in Kuala Lumpur. This product is not that expensive either. Very affordable.

Ok...this glitter glue I don't really fancy but it's good enough for certain occasions. I don't use it a lot for my cards but at certain times I think it can be useful......but so far, I don't really like this type because the glue is quite think and not fluid. The glitters in it are quite fine in size that's the only reason why I bought it. But when it comes to lacks. :( I remember buying this at SOGO, Kuala Lumpur.....they have quite a lot of glitter glue sold there at the stationary department there.

Ok...this one is a glitter paint.....I bought years ago.....way back when I was studying in ITM!!! hahaha! Imagine....that must have been at least 12 years ago.....huhuhu.....but surprisingly it is still in good condition till now. What I love about this product is that it gives a 3D effect. They have a glitter type (with glitter in it) and also a pearl  shine type (no glitter powder in it) as well.  I bought these in a art supply shop in Shah Alam. I can't remember the name of the shop. But till now I have not come across this product in any of the craft shop I've been to. I've tried searching for it in Kuala Lumpur but failed to find it. If anybody out there knows where I can get these. Please let me know :) I want to buy some! But I do know one thing though....this product, even though is small in size, it is very expensive compared to the rest of the glitter glue you see above because it does not only can be used for paper, but it can also be used on other materials like on fabric and plastic. :)

This type of glitter glue are sold in almost all the stationary shops I've been to in Kuala Lumpur. You can also find it sold at Mydin Stores.....hehehe.....that's where I found it. It's quite cheap but.......but unfortunately it does not rise to the occasion. The glue is not that's quite thick and not easy to apply on paper. I personally do not like to use this anymore.

This is another type of glitter glue.....I bought this at SOGO, Kuala Lumpur. It says that it's a metallic type of glitter glue so I gave it a try. It does give that metallic type of shine.....there is no glitter powder in just shines when it dries and give a metallic effect. That's all. Again, this type of product is not my favourite to use because the glue is not that fluid. This product is cheap though.

Last but not least........the glitter powders. It comes in a few colors. I bought these at Mydin Store. Believe it or not, this is what I used before I even knew about the glitter glue. hahahaha......I wanted the glitter glue effect that I see in craft magazines.....but since I didn't know where to get the glitter glue, I used the glitter powder instead. So what I did was, I mixed the glitter powders with clear transparent glue! hahahaha! That was really messy! But at least I tried!!! Messy or not, as long as I get the effect I wanted. LOL!

Ok.....I hope I have answered the inquiry hehehe.......if I have anymore infos about the glitter glue, I will add it in this post again. I hope anyone who have more infos on glitter glue would drop by and give suggestions regarding this product and tell us where we can get them. I hope we can share our knowledge together so that we can create better art work in future. :)


oh my....u r such a sweety !!! i was surprised to see this infomative post!!! u make me like u more and more...haha! jkjk! now i know what kinda glue you are using. I'm using some of them too. But the 3D glue, i've been searching all over in KL and couldn't seem to find! Some recommended me to use 3D fabric paint, but it just don't look nice on my cards! i admire your 3D glues la...! thanks again Lin!!!!
:) u make my day!
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Evelyn! No are most welcome! hehehe! You are funny too! :D
Well...I've been searching for the 3D glitter paint all over KL as well....maybe it's no longer in production??? I donno laaaa huhuhu....hopefully somebody out there can give me some info on this....but so far, I'm happy with the glitter glue that I'm using now in Photo A...Love it! Give it a try and see hehehe....
nisa said…
hey..last time i saw this 3D glitter paint at Popular bookstore at Ampang Point. :)

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