Experimenting with quilling.....

Last night I stayed up till 1.00 am experimenting with the quilling technique hehehehe..... It was tough!!! Believe me it was tough at first......the first few tries were a complete waste of paper and I got so upset I threw it all away huhuhu..... :(. I made a mistake at first coz I didn't realize that I'm not suppose to make the width of the strips too big. I thought that it would be easier for me to cut the strips wider.....so it would be faster for me to cut them that way.....but when I coiled it....I could see that the coils were too high up. I was afraid that if the flower arrangement I made was too high, it won't be able to fit in the envelope. So I cut the strips again and this time I made the width less wider. So that's how you see the coils above are of good height. It's just nice.

I ended up using the tight circle shape (a peg), to make the flowers because the tear drops shape were so difficult for me to do and maintain a standard tear drop shape. Some were a bit too small and some were a bit too big, thus not suitable for making a flower. I think I've recognized my mistakes and will try again today making the tear drop shape. I made the shape of the "eye" or "marquise" for the leaves of the flowers. That one was quite simple to do.....after doing quite a lot of those, I finally understand how to do this technique. Phew!

My fingers hurt too after doing this hahahaha......but I guess I knew it was inevitable because just imagine I have to cut those small paper strips one by one using a razor....if I had a paper shredder, it would be easier and faster...hehehe. A lot of patience needed for this type of technique.....and you have to be the meticulous type as well.....so that the paper strips won't get out of shape when you cut them up. I showed my Mom what I did and she just shook her head with astonishment! She said she would never do this type of thing.....it's too much of work......but then again, so is all the other technique I've done before! LOL! It all involves a lot of work....especially making pop ups......everything is time consuming la Mom! haiyaaaaa......hahahaha......

I'll post later the photos of the cards I made using the coils I did last night hehehe........ the designs I made were extremely simple....but I love it anyways because I MADE IT MYSELF!!! hahahahaha! I'm so silly! LOL!


Miyyah said…
Hi Lin,

Love to hear bout yr first experience in quilling ehhe!! I almost gave up at first try too, and very close to throwing things to everybody hahaha... but after some practice, I got addicted to making them. (Too addicted, I think hahaha):P And the satisfaction of finally being able to finish a project was indescribable.
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Miyyah!
So nice to hear from the quilling guru herself! hehe! You have inspired me to do this secara tak langsung la....love browsing your blog...so inspirational! I can see that you are so passionate about this technique....I'm loving it too! Yup....the first try at quilling is tough...looks like you faced the same experience like me too! LOL! But as we practice insyaallah we find it very addictive ya? I hope I can stay focused with my other work as well....risau gak nih...takut terlalu addicted sampai lupa kerja2 I yg lain tu huhuhuhu..... LOL! :)
Just discovered your blog. I have a card blog myself


I have recently begun quilling. You can see my projects on my blog. I cut my strips to 1/8 inch unless I am making fringed flowers.
Azlina Abdul said…
Hello C!
I've just visited your blog...cool quillings there! It's nice to meet more quilling designers online :) My paper strips are cut about 3mm. I tried cutting it 5mm but didn't like it as much. So I'm sticking with 3mm now.
Hey, nice quillings! i have a set of quilling papers but I haven't taken time to experiment it. Oh yea, would you mind telling me which brand of the glittered glue that looks like a bling when it's dried up? I've been searching for it but some of the crystal glue just won't work for me. Hope you can share with me ya...i'll see if any of the shops here selling that glue.
Thank You Lin!

Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Evelyn...thanks ya! I hope I have answered your inquiry at my latest post today :). Hope to see quilling designs on your cards someday!

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