Colorful quilled heart card


I got a little carried away today and made this colorful quilled heart card with a purplish pink theme. I've always loved this color combination :). It's a soft and sweet combo. 

Actually.......what happened was.....I thought of using this design for the next blog giveaway.....I was thinking of a simple design that I can do for the prizes......since this time around I need to give away 6 cards for 6 lucky people. So I can't do something that would be too overly complicated.....coz then I might not have the time to make them. Hmmm....decisions decisions......

To be honest......this design looks so easy right? So simple......but the fact is quite time consuming.  You know why? Because the quilled paper are not of the same size.....they are randomly quilled paper of different length and different color. I wanted to make sure there aren't many gaps in between that's why they come in different sizes. Big, medium, small and teeny weeny quilled papers.... :). Right now I wish I have a paper shredder.....hahaha......coz I really hate the cutting part.....I just love to quill the paper....not cut them hahaha LOL! 

I was also thinking of the wordings to put on the card.......I couldn't decide on what to write on it......or print on it......or stamp on it......errrmmm....I guess it would be pretty hard to stamp on it since the paper I used for the card has texture on I can't stamp on it just like that.....coz then the stamped wordings wouldn't look even on the card or can be seen clearly on the card because of the rough texture.

Sigh.......I'm still in the experimenting phase......this card is not finished yet......still have to worry about what to pop in the inside. I still can't decide what to do. This card is quite big.....half A4 the heart is quite big as well......thus requiring me to quill more paper in order to make the big heart shape.... gosh...I wonder how many quilled paper I used for this heart....probably near 100?? Donno laaa......too lazy to count hahahaha.....

Hmmmm......anyways I still can't decide what size, shape or theme I'm going to do for the June 2010 blog giveaway.....should I just stick with this heart design or do floral patterns? Perhaps I should do another poll to for readers to vote for what they prefer for the next prize ya? That could probably help me decide. Anyways....if you have any suggestions....I would love to hear it! Thanks! :)


mama zharfan said…
i really love all the quilled heart card...nanti nak order satu..:)
Miyyah said…
The heart is gorgeous Lin! And the quillings are so neat! (mine always end up in a mess coz I don't have enough patience haha) And I don't think it's 100 quilled pieces, quilled heart this size kurang2 300++ quilled papers dia..

Buy the paper shredder la Lin, x la tension nak potong kertas (one of the main reasons why most people gave up quilling - x larat nak potong kertas halus2). I bought mine @ RM29 aje. Dah setahun guna, still ok.
Azlina Abdul said…
Mama Zharfan....thank you! Nanti bila you dah ready nak order, you let me know la ye! ;)

Miyyah...Thank you!! Memang penat gila semalam I wat quilled heart nih...rasa macam nak gigit2 jer kertas tu!!! hahahaha! Tension sangat! Tu la kan...I really need to buy that paper shredder if I want to continue quilling....sebab tangan pun dah sakit dah potong kertas halus2 nih....I'm trying to find it here in Alor Setar tapi masih belum jumpa. So hopefully I get to find it at the place you mentioned when I go to KL soon. Really2 gotta get that one! hehe!
Asma' Ahmad said…
kak miyyah beli RM29 jek?? mine was RM210! beli kat popular.. argh!! tensen2.. huhu.. mcm mana bole dpt shredder murah tu? wuuu.. rasa sgt kerugian.. tapi da lame beli.. nk menyesal pun tiada gunanya lagi.. sobsob

kak lin, this card sgt cantek!! suke2 ^__^ rajinnye kak lin wat.. banyak tuh.. pena gak nk try wat gulung bulat2 for any shape.. tapi ya Allah! tiap kali start jek, terus rasa malas.. hek2.. and yep! qulling is enjoyable.. tapi bab potong2 kertas tu, memang menyakitkan.. hoho
Amanda Eltiqaz said…
purple always capture my attentions.. lovely! ^^
looks like someone is addicted to quilling....haha! nice card lin! keep it up ya!
Azlina Abdul said…
Asma'.....Ya Allah..mahalnya paper shredder yg you beli you mind taking photos of it and share it in your blog for us to see? Teringin gak nak tahu perbezaan jenis2 paper shredder nih. K.Lin plan nak beli yg murah tu jer...masalahnya entah bila nak boleh pegi beli pun tak tahu la hehehehe.....sementara tu, sakit la tangan nih nak memotong kertas2 tu....huhuhuhu

Thanks Asma'...Sebenarnya K.Lin pun rasa penat gila wat bentuk love besar nih guna quilling bulat2 tu hahaha....hampir2 nak give up...rasanya tak buat dah kut buat sementara nih saiz yg besar camtu hehehe....nak buat yg kecik2 jer ekekkekeke

Thanks Amanda!! :)

Evelyn....thanks! yup! I'm addicted!! LOL!
Miyyah said…
Asma' - huhuhu.. RM210.. mahal tu! Yang shredded paper dia saiz berapa tu? Masa mula2 survey shredder, jumpa kat popular juga, tapi mahal sangat n takde size nak, tak jadi la beli. Pastu one day tiba2 terrrjumpa mini shredder kat IT Hyperstore, kat Curve tu, saiz 0.3 mm punya, priced at RM29 (half A4) & RM39 (for A4 size). Terus rembat hehe. Nak shred sambung usb port aje, xyah plug in. :P
Asma' Ahmad said…
kak lin: i'll share mine kat next entri nanti k? ;)

ka miyyah: sambung usb jek?? huhu.. makes me bertambah2 rs sgt kerugiannnn :'(

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