Wedding card for the sweetest bride......


This is a special card I made for my cute sis, Aleen.....for her wedding day... :) Her wedding day is on the 29th of November 2008. So I wanted to give her a special card on her special day.

I used a scented patterned paper to make the base of the card.....I simply decorated the card with laces and ribbons....sweet colors for a sweet girl. Well, that is how I see her....and that is how I try to convey in this card.

The front part of the card was also decorated with tiny heart shaped punched out paper....the heart shape paper is the same paper as the paper for the base of the card and by pasting them on the card, it somehow creates an illusion that the card is embossed with heart shapes. Pasting the heart shapes on the card one by one was not took sometime to get it done.....but the results was worth the trouble. The card has a matching peach colored handmade envelope and is decorated on the inside with a simple printed message for the bride.


Grace to You said…
Oh, Azlina, this is lovely.
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks was made for a special bride... :)

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