Handmade hot glue gun holder

I'm so happy that I finally had the time to make my very own handmade hot glue gun holder yesterday using some double sided tape rolls and tissue rolls that I've kept for recycling purposes some time ago. I never throw them out ever since I found ways to recycle them.

You will be surprised to find out the things that you can do with tissue rolls and such especially if you search about them in the net. I for one prefer to use them to make functional things instead of decorative items for now. I can't remember exactly when I saw a tutorial on the hot glue gun holder but it was on Facebook. Ever since then, I wanted to make one so that it would be easy for me to use it. I needed a specific place for me to put it away after using it too. So it was high time I did this project.

Since the double sided tape rolls had prints on them, I decided to paint them to hide those prints. I am just so lazy to paint them but in this case I had to. The prints were too obvious. I just had to hide them. The red acrylic paint didn't manage to completely hide them so I covered it up with the bronze colour. Although it may not look that pretty, at least it served the purpose and got the job done. 

At first I thought it would be ok to just leave the hot glue gun holder on it's own. Then I thought it would be good to attach it to the second stationery holder I made. Yup, I have two of them now on my table! Haha! Secure it there so that it would look neat. After that I had another idea of attaching more tissue rolls on the same row as the hot glue gun holder. I needed places to hang some other items like the stapler, scissors etc. I wanted to fully utilize the stationery holder as much as I could.

Some might say I'm a bit frugal for doing this but believe you me, all I was thinking about was how to recycle and how to make work easy for me in future. I definitely have solved my problem by doing this. My pens, and other stuffs never get lost in my studio and are easily found because of this holders. My stationery items have their own place now. Loving it! 

Hope this will give you an idea to recycle your tissue rolls and such. At least it will help reduce the waste in our country. :)


Ramesh Kumar said...

The Gun holder is really dam cool. Hats of to the Creativity Happy Birthday wishes to close friend

Unknown said...

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Daria said...

This one looks so much more stable than most of the small ones I've seen. I don't use my glue gun often so I don't need a huge holder that would sit out on my table. This is something I could just pull out when needed. I think another option would be to glue it onto a tile so the hot glue would not damage anything. Thank you for the great idea.

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