Quilling paper!!

Gosh! I feel like it has been so so so long since I last saw my blog in a big screen! For the past few days now I've been looking at it through my small hand phone screen. I tried to blog using the hand phone but it seems to be taking so long to type a few words...and I just lost my patience. :P Right now I'm at my aunt's house and blogging using her laptop. Thank God! hehe! I'm still having problems with my PC ....not sure yet when it will be resolved. :(

I just wanted to update the blog today by saying a million thanks to my dear fellow blogger Cheryl for sending me this wonderful and lovely gifts! I received it a couple of days ago. I knew she was sending me something but didn't know what it was and what a lovely surprise it is! I received two sets of Acid Free Quilling paper from her! I love love love the colors she chose for me! Even my Mom loved it too! I feel very very blessed indeed! Thank you so much Cheryl!!! :)

I haven't the slightest clue of  what I want to create with them yet......hehehe! But I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough. At least during times away from the PC I get to create more cards in my studio and spend more time experimenting with new ideas. I really miss blogging......huhuhuhu....and I'm so happy I get to blog today! Yippeeeee! hehehe....please excuse me for being silly once in a while hehe! :D

Bubye for now......hope to blog here again soon! ;) Happy reading!!


a paper {life} said...

Hi Lin
yeah!! you got your goodies. You are aloud to be silly any time.

Computers can be soooooo frustrating so I hope yours starts behaving real soon.

In the mean time....you can always quill.

Teddy Bear Princess said...

cool paper quilling! :D
I also can do paper quilling but just a little :p

visit my blog when you're not busy
teddy bear princess


Azlina Abdul said...

Hi Cheryl!
Thank you so much again for the quilling papers! Yes...the computer can be pretty frustrating...thank you for cheering me up!! I really appreciate it so much!!

Hi Teddy Bear Princess!
Thank you for visiting! Will visit you too!!

cahayalembut said...

Assalamualaikum WBT

what a lovely quilling paper! ^_^

erm, where can I get those quilling paper like that?

Anonymous said...

hi..i'm interested in quilling since i first received a card decorated with quilled craft...may i know wer can i get the papers n the correct tools locally, witout making any online order..

Azlina Abdul said...

I'm not sure where you are from. But if you are from Alor Setar, you can purchase them straight from me. :)

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