My first Pop Up card!!!

The sexy lips popping up hehehehehe!

Notice the knot of the ribbons on the top part and bottom part of the card....symbolizes what I see as "tying the knot". Even though they have been married for 8 years now, but their love for each other is as strong and tight as before! Just like the knots, strongly tied together forever :)


Where do I tell the story of how great a love can be....a simple story of a lovely young lady's love for her dearest much so that she wanted something extra special for his birthday card this year hehehe! :) I was really excited about this new project! A challenge on my side to create that special something for her deary beloved....she asked for a big heart and big hugs....but...changed to lips instead in the sexy and so "seksa" she said hehehehe! I had an idea about doing pop up card since I've never done one before so I wanted to try something new....and popping up the sexy lips from the card was an idea I would love to do...challenging indeed but managed to figure it out how to make the card in the end.

She also wanted cupcakes, which explains why there are cupcakes patterns on the inside of the card. If only the card could be accompanied with real edible that would be super surprise for her dearly beloved! Hope she could get some for him somehow. :) All the best to you Lita!!


Grace to You said...

Wow, Azlina, this is awesome! You did such a great job - I can't believe it's your first pop-up! Looks like you've been making them for years. :)

Azlina Abdul said...

:) awwwww...Thanks so much Sandi!! It was difficult to figure it out at first :)

Unknown said...

Lin..thx so much for cracking ur head on doing this lovely card for me..I luv it so much..and my hubby got a very surprising birthday bcoz he received a poslaju envelope address to his office with ur name on it..hihi..ingatkan secret admirer yang kirim le tu...:)
Btw u r indeed very creative bcoz u have only 3 days to finish it..
THX again dear..

Azlina Abdul said...

Waaaaaaah! Tq! Tq! Tq! So sweet of you Lita!!! hehehe! It was my pleasure to take the challenge! Ye laa...I can imagine how surprised he must have been when he received it!! hehehehe:D A really great surprise!!!

It's Me IsMahoneY said...

ala..comel yerr..terasa nk satu gak, kak plz qou for me.

Azlina Abdul said...

Ismahani...please email me ya for the details of prices etc.....I tried to contact you through your blog but couldn't get through because your blog could not be shared by public... :(

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