Happy Birthday Zamzure!


Hello everyone! Although it's a bit late uploading this card design here, since the card was done way before December 24th, I still am excited to share about it with you. I think I've done in the past a handmade card that has a combination of gold, bronze and black but never for a handmade card in a box.

I wanted to do a different combination of colours in the beginning according to the preference of colours my customer's boss was into but I just had to go with my instincts on this design and choose the gold, bronze and black instead. One thing do I love about this combination is how fancy it would look once it's done because of those rich colours.

Decorating a handmade card for a guy is never a simple task for me. I am better with designing cards for women. And as usual, the only reason why I accepted the task was because my customer gave me 100% freedom to design it anyway I like it as long as it looks good. It's easier for me to design when there are no restrictions.

I love using stripes as part of the design. I've done that for my other two card in a box designs before. Somehow they seemed right. And since it's a design for a guy, it's even more perfect for the design. The bronze coloured frames are probably my favourite part of the card. I made the frames myself. When I first made the frames, they were never intended for this card. I was thinking of some other use for it for a different type of card but since I needed something bronze in colour as decorations, these bronze frames came in handy at the right time.

As you can see, I wrote the sentiments myself, and I even wrote the wishes on the back of the card for my customer so that she didn't have to write them out herself. She wanted the writing to look good, as this card was made for her boss. I hope I did good on that. I'm still learning about calligraphy and how to write with different types of medium. Hopefully I'll get better at it, so that I can use this technique on all of my handmade cards. That would be awesome!

Do check out my video of the handmade card in a box below. Thank you!


CC said…
Oh Lin! It's so beautiful! I'm always so amazed at how they can lie flat then pop up so much! You did a great job! So proud of you! ♥
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
i love the bronze effect....
Dear CC,
Thank you so much my dear friend! I used to be amazed to see it pop up as well when I first started learning how to make them. Whoever invented it is a genius. I just love making them so much! Love you!! <3
Henrietta....thank you so much!! I love the effect too! <3

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