Happy 2nd Anniversary tri-shutter card


I haven't made a new tri-shutter card design for a long time now. I think the last time I made one was in 2013. This new one has two photo frames attached to it for me to insert a couple of photos inside it. Actually, the whole idea was thought out because I wanted to make it easy for me to make the cards in advance and let my customers insert their photos in the frames themselves.

But in this case, my customer had posted the photos to me and asked me to do it for her. Perhaps in future, I'll let them do it themselves. I made the photo frames easy to insert photos in and out of it. I'm already having lots of ideas coming out for future card designs with photo frames attached to them. I love it when my customers get involved in the process as well. They can decide on their own which photos to put wherever they like on the card.

The colours for this card was decided by my customer. She wanted the pink and green theme. The first thing that came to my mind was these pattern papers I had and how I could pair them together with those sweet pink paper roses I made using my die cut rose pattern. I'm still not bored using those die cuts yet! Haha!! So perhaps you'll see more of them soon.

The Happy Anniversary sentiments in front of the card were hand stamped using clear alphabet stamps I got from Popular Bookstore. I just adore them to bits! I wish they would sell the same type of clear stamp font in a smaller size though. But this big one was really nice to work with and stamped really well on paper too. They were such a good bargain. I drew a pencil line across the paper before stamping the letters one by one. It was challenging but fun to do it. :)

Those sparkly stones were added one by one on the diamond checkered pattern paper too. I don't know why I just love doing that on this type of pattern paper! Somehow it gives the paper some added value and makes it look more interesting. Otherwise, it would be a bit dull. Do check out the video of the card below and view it in motion :). Thank you!


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