A card in a box for Aisyah Aqeelah


After I did a card for my customer's boss, I was asked to make another card in a box for my customer's little daughter.  It seems that her little daughter saw the photo of the card I made for her boss and wanted a similar card with her name on it. Of course it had to be in pink because it's her favourite colour. It didn't matter how the design would be, as long as there is lots and lots of pink all over the card. Haha! That shouldn't be a problem  for me. Again I was given full freedom to design it my way and I had only one day to complete it! Ack!!!

Ok, for this card design, I was lucky enough to stumble upon some card in a box set or kit at Mr Diy some time ago this month and they had so many cute and lovely stickers and embellishments that came together with the kit. So I thought this would be suitable to use for her daughter's request as there was one card in box that was pink all over with lots of pink embellishments. But I didn't use all of them though, because not all of the embellishments were suitable for little kids and so I mix and match with other embellishments that I had in my collection to create a design that would be suitable for a little girl. Something that little girls would appreciate.

I'm glad I managed to get it done on time. A simple design with her name handwritten on it just the way she wanted it. No particular occasion for the card, it was just a simple card in a box that now belongs to her. Something that she will cherish for a very long time hopefully. Hehehehe!

Do check out the video below of the card above. Thank you!!


CC said…
So cute! I love it! ♥
birgit133 said…

Alle guten Wünsche für 2016.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland sendet Birgit
Eliza Art said…
So beautiful, very, very!!!

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