Green themed card in a box birthday card


This is my first new card in a box design for this year. Although I don't do anymore customized handmade cards, however, this design has about only 1% request and 99% freedom. My customer gave me the freedom to design this card for her hubby. Just knowing what his favourite colour is, was enough for me to know. The rest was up to me to decide.

I have done stripes designs a lot over the years when designing cards for guys. It's the most simple idea and the outcome is usually good. Especially when you combine a few colours together. In this case it's a combination of white background with, green and brown paper strips. He loves natural green and earth colours. And so that was how I envisioned the card to be on the outside. I cut the brown and green coloured paper and pasted them on the card one by one. It took me some time to arranged them together but I didn't mind because I love doing it.

However, on the inside, I made it a little cheerful because it's a birthday card, therefore it has to look fun and happy create that festive look. I love how all those stars, wordings and all pop up when the card is opened. It gives you the feel to celebrate. And it's a good idea as well to pop up the wordings that way especially if you don't really have much to write for wishes. So all the wishes are already there for you.

I really loved playing with the clear stamps that I got from Popular bookstore. They are just the thing I needed for this project. The wordings fits perfectly like it was meant to be. They are so small and suitable to be stamped on the dialogue cut outs. I don't mind doing this again because it was really fun! :)


Nancy Jorden said…
These are beautiful cards. I love finding different cards for people. I have been looking into finding an elephant card for my friend. She loves elephants. I think it would be fun if she would have a elephant card for her birthday.
Hello Nancy...I have made elephant card before...I mean, a card that has elephant motifs on it....check out the link here :
Grace to You said…
I'm so glad you posted the video, because I was wondering how large this card was and it was helpful to see it in your hands. It's much larger than I thought, which leads me to ask - how long does it take for you to make one of these? I'm guessing 2 hours? Or maybe more?
Hi Sandi!
The size of the card is about half the size of an A4 paper. And it took me more than 2 hours to get it done hehehehehe!! It's a lot of work! :D
Eliza Art said…
Beautiful. Lovely It !!!
Erik Coonor said…
I like your uploaded video to make handmade greeting cards.I can follow these instructions and send wishes to my loved ones.

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