Daisy stitch mini pocket notebook with butterfly motifs

This is the second time for me to do the daisy stitch mini pocket notebook. The first time was when my fellow crafter friend Asma' taught me how to do it during our craft gathering last February. But the one I did at that time was a little simpler than this new one because this new one wraps the pocket notebook and seal it with a string all around it.

It was a first time for me to use the curved needle too. Coincidentally I found it when I was shopping for beads at a craft shop. I couldn't resist buying it! I once saw a video tutorial on how to sew handbound books and the lady who was doing the demo was using this type of needle. It seemed easy for her to use it so that's why I had to give it a try and see how it works for myself. I love it. :)

Another different thing about it is how I decorated the cover of this mini pocket notebook. I simply used a thick cardstock for the cover which I normally would use to make cards with and I pasted on it as many paper monarch butterflies as I could all over it. I used the Martha Stewart Monarch Butterfly craft punch for this design and once I pasted all of them on it, I sort of covered them up with mold paste. Then, to make it a little more interesting, I used 2-3 types of distress ink to give it colour and character.

I loved how it turned out the way it did. It was a really fun project. I use the mini pocket notebook to write about my new healthy diet. Everything about what food I can eat and what I should avoid. I can carry it with me anywhere I go and keep it as reference in case I need it when choosing what to eat. It's handy and pretty too! :)


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
u r so creative kak lin...
i love the butterfly effect they way u done it....its look so expensive...
wow the cover turns out like pattern paper! make more kak Lin! :D
Henrietta....thank you so much! Isn't great that with just a few things put together, something that is cheap, will turn out looking expensive in the end! hehe!! <3
Asma'.....it does, doesn't it? We can create our own pattern paper this way. In shaa Allah I will make more of it! Thank you sweetie! <3
Fyna Ahmad said…
alololo... comelnya. ^__^
Eny Abdullah said…
Its so pretty and creative!!
Scha Nazri said…
wow, just found another crafts blog. hehe. creative lah kak lin niii.

scha singgah sinii. wiwiwi
Abe Kie said…
As salam Puan Lin. I love the intricate design of your handmade products! BTW, I follow your awesome blog. Keep up the good work!
Linda said…
Beautiful and creative.
Erik Coonor said…
Nice creativity ….
I hope this art will liked by everyone.

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Puteri said…
i really can spend hours on craft blog like yours :))


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