Colourful hearts hand-bound book

I love making notebooks that has colourful combination of colours like this one. But it's not always easy to get a wrapping paper or pattern papers with many colours like this. I love this combination of colours.  If I'm lucky I'll be able to get one at the stationery shop, if not, I will have to settle with whatever designs they have. I used to make a notebook with similar colours like this but the heart design on the cover were a lot smaller compared to this one. I really loved it but I can't seem to get the same one anymore. 

I enjoy making these notebooks but I prefer not to decorate anything on them. Just leave it as it is. Let the owner of the book decorate it anyway they like it. I just focus on sewing them together. Which by the way is not as easy as you think! It's a lot of work! hehehe!! Only those who have done it before know and understand what I'm talking about. But the experience of sewing it is really worth the while.

For this book I used a different type of beads. It's plastic but it kinda looks like crystal to me....hahaha....who am I trying to kid?? But does, doesn't it? Well......from a far it does! I love using this type of beads for this kinda binding technique. I have many different types of colours for the beads too in my collection. So, I thought it would be nice to use them for this book binding project. At least they are used for many different craft project instead of just for making beaded bookmarks.

This book is going all the way to New Mexico, USA.....I hope it arrives in good condition. But most of all I hope the receiver will love it as much as I do :).


CC said…
HEY! This said this book is going to New Mexico! Dare I hope???? It has hearts on it! Oh, I better hold on to my heart! <3
Yu Yun said…
macam biasa....mmg kemas dan menarik :)
Diana Moriel said…
I'm sure the lucky person that will get this book will love it, it's a work of art! I really love the paper you choose and the beads.
CC! Oh my God! You guessed right! It's on it's way to you....I do hope it arrives to you safely ;)
Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments....I'm so happy that you all love this hand-bound book design :). Hugssssss!!! <3
Irina Bowen said…
Sis, i really want this notebook. Do you take orders? thanks
Hello Irina!
Yes I do take orders for handbound books....this book is available for order. Do email me at TQ! :)
Erik Coonor said…
All these cards are very beautiful color combination that you have used for greeting cards are awesome. Pearls that you have used are looking very nice.

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