My first Card in a box!

I was taking some time off from work the other day, because I've been working like crazy since January with not much time to rest and I started browsing for new type of cards to make and I suddenly thought of making a card in a box. Been dying to make one ever since I saw them on Pinterest some time ago.

Sometimes I just need some other diversions to keep the mood for cardmaking going and keep on going. Because I'm the type who gets bored easily. Since I've been making a lot of swing cards already, so it was high time I change things a bit to give me some excitement.

From the time I saw the designs of the card in a box in Pinterest, I always thought that it was difficult to make. I figured it was the most complicated card I've ever seen. And it never occurred to me that we can actually fold it flat and insert it in an envelope. But when I saw the video tutorial on YouTube, I was blown away by the trick! What a fancy trick it was! That was what got me into this so instantly. I just had to make one the minute I saw the video. :)

I bought some fancy birthday 3D Pop up stickers recently and thought of using them for my first card in a box experiment. The pattern paper were given to me by a good friend of mine, Sandi Staley. Gosh I have loads of scrap pattern papers from her to use up for my card experiments! hehehe! ^.^

 Compared to other types of cards, this particular one involves decorating on almost all parts of the card. So it's quite a lot of paper to paste here and there...a lot of decoration to do to make it attractive. And since it will have a 3D look once opened, you gotta think of how it will look 360 degrees...all angles. The challenge makes me more driven to complete the card.


Do check out the video I took of the card so you can see how it transforms from a flat card to a box with pop ups in the center! That would perhaps get you excited to create your own first card in a box soon! ;)


aniesa ahmad said…
cantik, menarik, kau memang daboom .. hehe :)
Nikita Azad said…
The same happened with me... I have been seeing other trying it out, but I couldn't figure it out for the life of me! But when I saw a tutorial video, I tried it out the same day!!It was so much fun!

Yours is so colourful and bright!! Loved the banners and the buttons on the corners! :)
KT Fit Kitty said…
Well done! I want to make one of these! Love the 3-D stickers!
Thank you so much everyone!! ^.^
mummy_ayu said…
serius..memang cun..kalau nak tempah mcm mana yer? how much?
Anoosh Iqbal said…
Great job! These techniques are so creative and interesting. I'll try them out right away. I love Card making too. There's so much diversity in this work. You should also have a look at this amazing book by Altered Upcycling. It's got some new projects too.

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