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Congratulations on your wedding

I got butterflies in my stomach and somehow it got transferred on to the card ;). I rarely put butterflies on my cards but for this one it just seems so suitable and I couldn't help but adding them along side the focal point of the card which is theheart shape paper doily that I got from WholePort. 
I've been wanting to do this type of swing card for the longest time and I'm super excited about being able to get it done in the end. It's a see-through type of swing card! hehe! Peekaboo! :D

I used the Yellow quilling paper stripsfrom WholePort to make the quilled heart. I'm getting used to using the 5mm quilling's not that bad after all. But of course the 3mm type is my personal favourite.

Ok! Sewing on paper like this is therapy for me lately. I just love doing this technique. Not sure if I'll ever get bored doing it one day though. For now it's just bliss!! Even better when using the embroidery thread:).
I also love the lace I used to…

New Baby Girl swing card

A combination of the old and new indeed. Because for this card, it has at the front part of the card, a newborn baby girl design that I did long time ago. The only difference is the material used for making it. In the previous design, I made it using foam sheets but for this one, I used felt. You can see below how I sew the eyes with a dark brown thread for the little baby.

The card has a few 3D fancy stickers on it which is in my opinion is so cute! I got them at Tesco. They are not that expensive and the design is lovely. I couldn't help myself from buying it. I do have a similar design for new baby boy too. So I will definitely use them soon for another new baby card.
 I love the off white floral lace trimfrom looks really cute combined with the colourful pastel buttons. I didn't use a lot of items from WholePortfor this card, just the lace and the embroidery thread for sewing the felt and paper. I just love using the embroidery thread. The colours ar…

Selamat Pengantin Baru

I was requested to make this wedding card and I couldn't be happier about it because it's a little different from what I've done before. Every time I create a new card, I try to either implement something that I've tried before and make it better or I use a new technique or material.
For this card, it's a combination of all that and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. It's been a while since I last made those quilled love birds too. Every time I make them, they'll turn out a little different because it's handmade. So it's bound to have a character of it's own. First time ever to have them on a swing card too! Weeehooo!!

This is my first time trying out one of the packs of quilling paper that I got from WholePort. It's smooth on the sides and it's a bit wide, which is about 5mm in width and the length is about 54cm. It's called the Rose Red Quilling paper.  This is my first time using a 5mm quilling paper too. Usually I just u…

2014 Blog Giveaway #1

Image's been a long time since I did a blog giveaway here....I kinda forgotten the procedure ahahaha.....but it's fun to be able to do it again for the first time this year.
Actually I wanted to giveaway some of my slotted quilling tools because I wanted to share my joy, my own creation of slotted quilling tools with others especially for my followers here. But of course, I couldn't giveaway just that, I wanted to giveaway other things as well for crafting. So I gathered some quilling paper, white glue, craft punch, ink pad, rubber stamps, craft scissors, scallop diecut paper and some card stock. I hope you guys like it! :)
I'll be holding this giveaway for 2 months starting today. And here is how you can join the giveaway. Just follow the instructions below:
Rules of the giveaway: 1. Everyone is eligible to enter this giveaway. I accept both local and international entries. But each person can only enter their name once. 2. You must promote this giveaway post at …