Double star loop flower tutorial

This is another one of the quilled flowers design that I made at the same time I was making the Teary loop flowers about 2 weeks ago I've done a flower that is similar to this one before as you can see at the link HERE. The only difference is in the way I arranged the amount of cascading loops to form the flower. Even the shape of the flower was made differently from this one. Honestly I prefer this latest design compared to the one I made back in 2011. ;)

I took some time off today to make this video tutorial. Had to shoot the video a few times because there were so many disturbances as I was making it. In the end it was finally done and I had to be happy with it even though it was not exactly how I want it to be. I was too tired to make a new one ehehehehe. Hope everyone find the video tutorial easy to understand and find the steps easy to follow too. Enjoy the video and happy quilling combing! :)


beautiful flowers, love the colors!!. I've made them but only one layer, will try thes, thanks for the video !!!!
MargeGoh said…
This is so.... so beautiful Lin.
Rose Angeline said…
loved watched the video and thanks for posting it
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
kak usual...u r so creative and the flower are so cute...thanks for the tutorial...
Kavitha Vadhri said…
Lin i have a small doubt,can u clarify, iam always confused in choosing colors, i come to your blog first before starting any of my quilling work for the colors :), can u tell me how you choose colors. would be of grt help.
Hallo Lin, Mir gefallen deinem Papierkreationen sehr und ganz besondes, die Quillingblumen.
Sind alle Wunderschön!!!
Liebe Grüsse, Ursula

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