Quilling flower stalk tutorial

Finally I manage to fulfill another request from my blog readers and quilling beginners to make a video tutorial on quilling flower stalk. Making a quilling flower stalk is one of the things that most quilling beginners have problems with when quilling. Many have expressed their disappointments to me when their quilling flower stalk didn't turn out they way they expect it.

So since most of the quilling beginners are not from my neighbourhood, and can't attend my quilling beginners class, it's pretty difficult for me to help them out with their problem. I  myself have not been doing any quilling classes lately either because of my health issues. So I figured, the best way for me to teach now is via online and by making video tutorials. 

I usually use quilling paper that is 120gsm in thickness for making quilling flower stalks as they are thicker, and won't get damaged easily when pressured. But I also sometimes use quilling paper that are 160gsm in thickness. It all depends on what I'm making.

Hopefully this video tutorial will help those who have problems with making quilling flower stalks :).


Nice and easy! Thanks for share!

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