Lovely loops flower tutorial

Back in 2011 I created this lovely loops flower just by coincidence.....after making a lot of those tiny loops flowers which I learned from Anastasia Wahalatantiri, I thought of creating a new flower using that technique....and that's how it was created, which was by just  folding the tiny loops the other way around. It was not easy to do and quite tricky.....sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but after much practice, it gets easier.

A lot of my blog readers have requested me to make this tutorial.....but only now I have some time to do so. Hope you all like the tutorial and try making the lovely loops flower ....all the best! ;)


Mannayah said…
amazing tutorial Lin .. Love all your flowers ..
thanks for sharing :)
and Happy Quilling
thanks for the tutorial, I've been wanting to make these for a long time, you vidio was really easy to follow thank you !!!
Natasha R Naidu said…
They're beautiful. thanks for taking the trouble to make this vid and post it.
jayshree Shah said…
Nice tutorial thnx for sharing

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