Cherry blossom tri shutter card


I was playing around with one of the the free origami paper I received from Wholeport the other day and I thought of cutting them up this way using the die cut machine and pasting them all over the tri shutter card. I've never done something like this before and I find it quite amusing :D. 

I wanted the tri shutter card to look like as if the card itself was originally with patterns even though it was's just a plain white cardstock. But now it is heavily embellished with pattern paper all over it. It looks a bit messy with the pattern paper all over it, which is not usually my style but I still gave it a try to see how it would look like in the end.

The yellowish scallop circles are for writing on personal wishes. I purposely made them in different sizes the personal wishes can be written in different sections of the card. :)

The pop up hearts I pasted at two different sections in the card is something I am excited about. I've never done it this way before.....usually I only make the heart pop in one section. It's new for me and I'm getting a few more ideas for new tri shutter cards to be done in a similar way.

Another thing I love about this design is the tiny cherry blossoms! I love embossing them this way and arranging them this way. It's simple and yet so cute because of their small size! hehe! I love making them! They suit the pattern paper a lot ;) You can view how the tri shutter card opens up and pops the hearts inside it at the video I prepared check it out :).


MargeGoh said…
Very's beautiful. Keep up the great work Lin :)
Sonia said…
Fabulous card Lin,gorgeous papers and details^_^
Big hug,
beautiful card, like this style of card, like the added flowers and hearts !!!!
Gayatri Gauda said…
Even thought this is not your style... this is a gorgeous card... I am amzed by the beauty of it... The punched flowers embosed are the one's that are beautifying the pattern paper. You are inspiring me to start crafting again... I wish I had time to do so... All the best for your future creative designs!!
anys said…
kat mn beli stand tuh?

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