Tiny loops flower photo frame


Last year I accepted an order from a customer who wanted me to design 2 different quilled flower photo frames for her......and she gave me the freedom to design it any way I like it.....but she did have a request for one of them to have some silver and gold colour in the design. I've done that already and I shall be blogging about the silver and gold photo frame in my next post.

Actually I didn't want to take any more customize orders since last year because of my ill health. But I accepted this one because she was willing to wait for a few months for me to get it done for her.....so I could take my own sweet time to get it done....no rush, no stress and I liked that very much hehehe... :). I just want to be able to design whatever I like and sell my designs to those who fancy them. Easier for me considering my current condition. 

At first when I received this order, I had a hard time deciding which type of flower I wanted to make for the frame. Then I decided to use this tiny loops flower design since I haven't made them for quite a long time. I've forgotten how much fun it is to make them using the hair comb. I used to make them in multicolours, in single colours and now I made them in two different colours....soft pink and aqua blue. I love the combination a lot :).

The leaf design......hehe....I had a hard time deciding which type of leaf that would be suitable for the flower.....I made a few types to choose from and finally I seemed to like this simple slim tear drop shape instead of the other types I tried making to suit the flowers. I don't know why but I really like the combination of the two design together. They just looked good together. Well, that's just my opinion.... ;)

My customer did insisted that I add some butterflies or birds in any of the two designs......so for this one I chose butterflies to go together with the flower arrangement. I'm so glad that she loved them so much ^.^. Mission accomplished!


Éva Nagy said…
Hi Lin, I love your photo frame! The customer must be super excited about it :) The flowers are just perfect!!! I watched some of your videos on youtube and tried this flower for the first time, and I must say I love the outcome :) Have a wonderful week!
Baukje said…
beautiful picture frame I love it!
Greetings Baukje
Sonia said…
Terrific creation dearest, I really love Your style:))
Very elegant and delicate:)
Hugs from Italy:)
FeezaAkashah said…
love it...so nice...can i have it???
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
its so cute kak lin...im sure she love it...coz the butterfly is so adorable...cute pink and blue...blue is my fav color...they do match together....

PSS...kak lin, can i request for a photo frame tutorial...i do adore all your frames...neber know how to make one...
Lekha justin said…
Pretty flowers nd color combo is perfect...!!
sathya said…
It is so nice mam..I like the colour combinations..
so gorgeous, love the colors!!
How many loops do you do to make a petal?. Mine are to small and dont come out as pretty as yours !!
Thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments....glad that everyone like this photo frame design so much :)

Paula....I made 12 loops in one petal using a small hair comb :)
Helen said…
love the color combinations. what a pretty frame.
Secret Salt said…
I love it...hope You can create more awesome soon
Linda w said…
Beautiful work Lin. I have been trying to makes these flowers but my tiny loops always flatten out. Any ideas would be most helpful.

gettin' inky...
Linda W.....thank you :) Perhaps you can check out this link...http://azlina-lin.blogspot.com/2012/02/tiny-loops-flower.html

it's a tutorial I made on this type of flower :) All the best to you!
Sunnysinger:) said…
Thank you for this amazing ideas!


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