My first step card!!


I've been experimenting with this step card layout since last year but never got the chance to complete the card till now. There are so many types of step card that I wish to try out so I tried making this one first which is called the "Center step card" and will try to do more of the other types later on this year. I love all types of step cards as they give such a different type of layout that is suitable for different embellishments. It's so much fun for me to try them out.

I haven't made a thank you card for quite sometime now......and this particular one was made for 2 of my dear friends who have been supporting my work and motivating  me since my early days of designing cards and selling them online.  Been a while since I designed a card for them so this is something that I have been wanting to do since last year and finally I get some time off to make this card for them. Hope they will like it! ;) Oh....forgot to mention that the pattern paper I used for this card was given to me as a gift by one of them.....hehehe....I wonder if she will recognize the paper when she sees it! hehe! ;)

I gotta say that I just love making this step card........I'll definitely make more of this type of card this year. Loving it so much! :)


Candela said…
as always, I'll say that you're so creative!! Im a beginner and I really look up on all you have here!!
The card is gorgeous. I love this form! You chose a beautiful and cheerful colors, just great for thank you card! Your friend will like it (even if paper is recognized) :)
Pooja said…
Wow ! Your center step card is fabulous and you make very beautiful quilled flowers..bright and beautiful !
MargeGoh said…
Great work....beautiful.
wow gorgeous card, love the bright colors and the quilled flowers are perfect !!!!
Grace to You said…
Hey, I recognize those papers!! :D I'm always so glad and so impressed to see what you do with them - you are so talented!

What did you think of the little button magnets?

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