Just for you....dear friend


Previously I wanted to make 2 thank you cards for my 2 friends but then I decided why not make 2 different cards for them......I didn't want them both to get the same design. So today I played with my not so new craft tool and made this Side Step Card.....and instead of making a thank you card....the wordings for the card is a little different..... :) but it will definitely suit what I'll be using it for. 

You  must be wondering why I'm using a lot of blue colours for this card.......well, it's because my dear friend loves the blue colour just like me! Yup, we both love blue ;)

I used the clear stamps that my dear friend gave me some time ago......I'm not sure if she remembers all the clear stamps she gave me....I'll be sure to remind her about it ehehehe.... I really love the special wordings clear stamp....first time for me to use it. I'm keeping my promise so far.....to use more of the clear stamps or rubber stamps that I have in my collection. Hopefully I'll be able to use up all of them this year. I'm feeling guilty for not using them a lot in my card designs......feels like it's a waste of money for buying them, and yet, just keeping them safely in the drawers. I must, I must, I must USE them!!! I shall!!! ahahahaha! :D

The die cut quilled rose flower I used for this card is pretty fun to make. It's not super fancy or super complicated to make .....but it does add a special touch to a simple design and makes it special. It's funny how easy it is to make a simple card turn into something fancy the minute I added those roses. I'm not really an expert in making paper roses from scratch but I will give it a try some day when the mood arrives.....hehehe.....I wish I will be granted with some patience to do so in that area. ;)


Secret Salt said…
Tentu happy kawan Lin terima kad yang cantik ini
Secret Salt said…
Bestnye dapat kad yang cantik ini. Tentu kawan Lin pun rasa gembira juga
Assalam alaykom Lin this is my new blog http://pearlsofjanna.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/q.html about homeschooling , i wrote something about you please have time and tell us what do you think ?
I mentionned you on my blog, i really love yours masha ALLAH.
Take care sis and good contiuations and may Allah guide you to the truth and keep us to the straight path.
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
I love the roses...always love the roses....
fayyza ideas said…
huhu! lamanya tak jenguk blog kak lin.banyak yang jaja dah missed out. keep creative,kak lin! :D
Atty Fatty said…
nice color n pretty flowers !!
good luck!!


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