Gold, silver and a bit of red!

QF010 here it is.....the gold and silver flower photo frame I mentioned in my previous post. I added a couple of birds for this flower arrangement. At first I thought it was not possible to do so since most of the time I make my quilled birds quite big in size and probably won't fit in nicely on this half A4 size photo frame. But since my customer requested it and wished to have some birds in either of the photo frames, I decided to give it a try by making them smaller in size.

The request from my customer was that I must think of a colour for the design that would  match with gold and silver. I used to make gold and silver flower arrangement was a combination of white, black, gold and silver and those colours seemed like a perfect combination but when I had to think of what would match just gold and silver, it was tough......until it came to me how red would seem like a good match for those two colours. Bingo! :D

But later after that, I was a bit confused when it came to decide on what colour to use for the leaves of the flowers......somehow green doesn't seem to match the gold and in the end.....I decided to make some swirls as part of the decoration for the flowers.....and swirls can be of any colour.....and that's when I decided that they would be in gold and silver too! hehe! The idea of adding those tiny gold sequins was just something I dared myself to do.....I wasn't too sure about it and started to treat my photo frames like how I treat my handmade cards by doing that. :P

For me, the important thing is I have to be happy with the results of my artwork before I show it to my long as I'm happy with it, then it'll be ok.....and sure enough it is coz my customer was happy with it's a bonus when that happens......coz sometimes it doesn't happen that way..... you can't please everyone right? hehe......I'm just glad that I'm happy and she's happy..... hope everyone is happy too today! ;)


Catherine said…
Love the color combo. very lovely....
Cheida_Mymee said…
seyesly this is ohsem
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
so the the design too...
Rose Angeline said…
Amazed by your perfection :)
That was a great idea.. how did you make the picture. Is there a tutorial? Please and Thanks
HI can you please tell me how you made the frame
Traceyann Massay

I made the frame using a thick mounting board and a piece of transparency for the window for the photo. I just made it by looking at samples of old photo frames.I don't have a video tutorial on how to make it. Truly sorry.

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