Sahabat selama-lamanya


Another request from my customer who was interested in my HB084 birthday card.....but in this case she wanted two birds instead of just one resting on the branches. The two birds symbolizes herself and her best buddy....that's why the title of this post is "Sahabat selama-lamanya" (Friends forever). She also requested to reduce the amount of branches on the card.....the HB084 card had too many on it....over crowded I she just wanted a simple one....and that's why I had to recreate the layout for this one.

The pop up cake inside the card is 99.9% the same design except for the fire on the candles, I changed it from yellow ochre to orange....I think orange is a better choice of colour hehe. The quilled birds has a small sequin flower on their heads....which was not added in my earlier design and the bird in the earlier design was a bit on the plum side ahahaha....whereas in this design, they are a lot slimmer. Actually in most of my recent card designs that has quilled birds on it, the birds are made in slimmer versions....I don't know why but I just love the slimmer versions better than the earlier designs I've made before. 

It was fun making the birds again....been awhile since I last made them. I still got more of the same design to make for other customers. So I guess, the fun continues! ;)



Pooja said…
Wow wonderful card ! Birds slimmer or plum look cute any way..the pop up cake is amazing.
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
The birds are so cute kak lin...and i love the pink n blue colours there....and the sequin show they are that....cant wait for ur next craft...
Sonia said…
Fantastic cards dearest Lin^_^
I love the first because is sweet and romantic and the second because is joyful and colorful^_^
k@rin said…
very nice.
love it, also the pop-up inside.
Lekha justin said…
Woooow..cute beautiful cards..
Syila Said said…
Serius cantek!! Kreatif sungguh.. Teringin nak buat tp M.A.L.A.S.. Hehe.. Beruntung sape yang rajin..huhu..
dan saya lah orang yang paling untung dapat kad ni hhehehe... :)

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