A pink blue quilled bird


I'm so excited about this design. It's a request from my aunt actually. This birthday card is for her dear friend and ex boss hehehe! :) She wanted a birthday card with a bird on it. I am really out of ideas and I just did a simple design with the usual technique I've done before. Only this time around I made more branches and leaves but just one bird sitting on it. And the bird has an eye! A black eye with silver glitters on it...hahah...kinda funny looking though. By right it doesn't seem to make any sense how a bird can actually stay on the branch like that and not fall off of it! LOL! But in the art world....anything can happen hehe!

I also made a pop up cake inside it......a very soft color combination that would suit the colors of the card itself. Sweet pastel colors. :) I didn't print any wordings for the card but I did use a clear stamp to stamp the Happy Birthday wordings on the card. Love that one. That clear stamp is a gift from a dear friend. Thanks again CC for that clear stamp. I'll bet you've forgotten which clear stamp you have given me hehehe. So many of them actually are still not in use. No ideas coming out for them yet. Soon there will be I hope hehe!


Lovely card, love the branches.pop out cake is great idea, great job!
As said…
oh my god, your bird is so so so lovely kak lin ! also love they way you design the branch, it looks perfect and really complete the sweetness of the card :) don't know how to explain this, but the design, the colour, they make the whole look so lovely !!
Cards by Cheryl said…
oh really nice...I love this bird
suka sangat tengok... cantik ler.. i wish boleh buat quilling nih full time!
Antonella said…
What a pretty bird!! I love your card... so pretty. Hugs, antonella :-)
Karuna said…
Wow! this is co damn cute! its not just quilled but also a pop up! so much for a card...just amazing!
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!! Appreciate it so much! ;)
Maneka said…
oooo this one is sooooo nice Lin.. i love it!!!!
Archana said…
Hi.. Noor
The bird is So lovely. It inspired me to make it too..


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