Hanging photo frames


I got a request to make two 6R size photo frames....first time for me to make photo frames this big....because usually it's just the small type which is the 4R photo frames.....so this request was quite a challenge for me to do.....especially since my customer wants photo frames that she can hang on the wall.

She was very interested in my earlier designs....which is the QF001 and the QF002 photo frames.....she requested that one of the design for the frames must be made in purple and pink colour combination....a first for me as well....coz I don't think I've ever done that combination for any of my quilled photo frames before. 


The 6R photo frames are about double the size of the 4R photo frames.....therefore, more quilled flowers had to be made to fill up the sides of the frames. Each frame has a plastic cover that will protect the photo...but I find that the bigger the frame the more tricky it gets in inserting the photo inside the frame.... I still prefer making smaller photo frames. Much easier to handle.

But I do like the ribbon part that is used to hang the frame.....I added some medium sized plastic beads to make sure the ribbons doesn't slip....it will stay in place always....plus it's also part of the decoration. Still got more frames to make....hopefully I'll improve more in design and function. :)


Ismi Iman said…
chantek la...angan2 lau iman dpt dri lin suke nyer
Jyoti Agrawal said…
Love that u added beads to the ribbon.
Manu said…
These are absolutely gorgeous!!!
Mama Zharfan said…
lin..nak order frame yg mcm ni boleh tak? please....
Anonymous said…
Dear noor,
the frames are so beautiful
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
I love the colors and the arrangement of the flowers...they are so cute....u r so creative.....and the hanging frame is more unique with the beads....love it so much....
Your work is so beautiful in its simplicity.
Ismi Iman....boleh order la dari Lin ehehehe...

Jyoti...I love the beads too!

Manu...thank you so much!

Mama Zharfan...sila order sekarang hehehehe

shylaashree....thank you so much!!

Henrietta...thank you so much dear...I love the beads too...it makes a lot of difference doesn't it? <3

Chris...thank you so much!!
Sonia said…
Fantastic creation dearest Lin^_^
I love all this sweet wonderful flowers^_^
there both gorgeous, love the colors in both of them!!!
Nelia said…
wunderschön, ich bin ganz begeistert, gefällt mir sehr gut!
Liebe Grüße Nelia
Cheida_Mymee said…
cantiknya!! kedah area mana eak.. nice..
nnt nak oder mcm ni boley tak.. hihihi
Akak kat Alor Setar ;) Taman Lumba Kuda hehehe
Secret Salt said…
awesome... That's my hometown. I'm from Alor Setar too

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