Paper photo frames with quilled flowers


Another first for me! Yup! It's the first time for me to make my own photo frame using mounting boards :). It was not quite as easy as I thought it would be when I first started making them but it was quite ok in end. These photo frames were requested from a customer of mine. She wanted me to buy a couple of white wooden photo frames and decorate them with quilled floral arrangements. Since I couldn't find any here in Alor Setar, so she gave me an option of making the frames using mounting boards instead. 

I did search for white mounting boards but the surface of the mounting board was not pretty. So I layered it with a better quality white metallic paper instead. Ting! hehe! You see, by doing this, I can always have any kind of colour on the photo frames. I also pasted a transparent plastic sheet inside the photo frame to protect the photo.:)

She gave me the freedom to decorate both frames any way I's all up to my creativity, but she did requested that the flowers be in red and pink combination. So that's how it all started :). I was kinda confused at first in choosing the type of flowers that I should be making for the decorations. That's what happens when you have too many flowers to choose from haha! In the end, I decided to do the Malaysian flower and also the Cascading + husking flower :). 


I made the Malaysian flower photo frame first and I think I love this one more than the other one hehehe. I love the flowers and the leaves as well. Can't help it. Love the Malaysian flower more coz the petals of the flowers looks chubby and cute haha. :D


This is wonderful! I really like the colors. Some say that pink and red do not go together. To me they really like them together! Both frames are totally perfect!
Priyanka Gupta said…
they are soo pretty n fresh :) awesome!!
Woooooooooooooooooow Noor, absolutely gorgeous! I don't know anyone else who creates such phenomenal designs using the quilling comb! :)
amazing..amazing...truely amazing.nobody can beat your neatness in quilling.
kak lin!! these frame are adorable! mesti gigih membuatnya :D
Gayatri Gauda said…
Wow...!! They look gorgeous!!
Mary said…
Amazing photoframes! you are an excellent needlewoman! I really love all your works and am proud that you're my webfriend...
Helen said…
They are absolutely gorgeous! I love using quilling flowers to decorate photo frames.
fayyza ideas said…
cantik sgt kak lin.kite suka!! :D
aureliaeugenia said…
Spring with its beautiful colours is on your creations!I love them all!
There both gorgeous,never thought red and pink together but theses are great together!!!
Thank you so much everyone for all your lovely comments here, appreciate it very very much! ;)

Yes, who knew that red and pink can go together so well ya? I couldn't believe it myself hehe! Now we know that they can :D.
Beautiful.simply beautiful!~ I really love all ur designs and the flowers look amazing. I have to say I love both frames but the flowers on the second one stole me. I love the technique but I can never do the petals like u do. I guess I have to keep trying.keke.
lulu_ma said…
pretty! your Malaysian flowers are really neat! I could never do that. lovely colour combinations too!
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
they are lovely.....i love them both...
k@rin said…
very colourful. love it
Éva Nagy said…
All your creations are exquisite! I just love them!
That's why I have nominated you for an award and would love for you to visit my blog to collect.
Hugs, Eva
talha said…
The frame QF001 is awesome,i want to buy it,what is its price?

plastic cards
clear cards
Sujana Sarath said…
awesome!! Noor your works are amazing... you inspire me alot!!
Jennifer Stacey said…
They turned out lovely! I will have to try the Malaysian flowers! They are lovely!
Great work with so much neatness
pavani krishna said…
Hi lin super wonderful fantabulous beautiful work.I learnt a lot from your youtube videos mainly those flowers made of comb I just love the way u give the instructions it was very easy to follow and just love your work I created quilled photoframe learning from youtube videos thanks a lot and please give your comment on my blog
great blog thanks for sharing us.

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