Quilling LOVE

I've never done anything like this before. This is my first time trying to quill shapes of alphabets that I drew myself. Just a simple drawing......and I drew the alphabets pretty big so that it will be easy for me to quill it ;). I'm not that ambitious yet to try quilling complicated type of alphabets/fonts that might sprain or twist my fingers ahahaha. So I opted for something less complicated and will give me the freedom to create the alphabets anyhow I like them to be since I'm pretty new at this technique.

Since I don't have anybody to teach me how to do it, I searched in YouTube for any kind of video tutorials on how to do a simple quilled alphabet and I found one that I think is easy enough for me to try. There was only one video that I found and it showed how to do it using a polystyrene foam and pins. But since I am pretty lazy to do it exactly the way the video showed it, I decided to change it a bit and do it the way I'm comfortable with. 

I didn't use a thick quilling strip......just a 80gsm shredded quilling paper. Since this is my first try, I thought of using something that is not that thick and easy to shape....just testing and experimenting first. Once I get the hang of it then perhaps I can try some other types of paper.

The whole thing is not yet completed.......I still need to decorate it with some quilled shapes to make it look pretty....otherwise it looks so empty. Hopefully I will be able to get it done by tomorrow so that I can blog about it......till then!!! ;)


awek retro said…
okay i got it..thanks a lot...muaxh
Cikpuan rara said…
wow! thanks for tutorial!
UMA IYER said…
Looks cool :)
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
Its nice...cant wait to see the finishing...
idea semulajadi said…
i did the same technique too~
but i take a lot of time to fill in one alphabet,and now i rarely made this anymore~

btw, this is my product of alphabet.
its a bit untidy because that time, i still dont have paper shredder~

rAIHan said…
cantiknya,,kreatif sungguh.
Anonymous said…
so sweet...
miss Fida said…
thanks kak lin :)
nak try lah nanti tp tunggu ada determination nak cuba..hehehe..at least now dah tahu g mana nak buat :)
Sonia said…
Very good work Lin and Thanks for tutorial:)
Big hug,
Szalonaisa said…
Oh, my!! So many pins!! and great card!
looks good so far,I think you'll do great, I'm just now trying letters to, mine are basic and very small, havent watched any tuturials so I'm learning on my own to, good luck!!!

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