A new winner

A new winner has been selected for the May 2012 Blog Giveaway. This is because the first winner did not claim her prize for more than a week now. I decided to choose another winner instead of waiting and waiting and waiting for the first winner to respond.

The lucky winner is :
  NO. 19 (Mummy Chenta from My TTC Journey)

I hope this second winner will respond too, if not then I'll just give it away to whom ever I prefer :). Do email me your complete details so that I can post the prize to you as soon as possible. Thanks! :)


Mummy Chenta said…
thanks dear!
happy ni..rezeki di hari isnin..
dh send my detail dekat ur email..
tanks agains!
Thank you so much for responding Mummy CHenta :) Your prize will be delivered to you soon ;) Congratulations again :)
Nafisa81 said…
huhu...bila nak menang ni??

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