I Love U So Much


I received this order last year but only now do I get to complete it for my customer. This design might look familiar to some, and it's because it's an old design I did last year. You can view the design at the link --> HERE. The old design had the wordings "I MISS U SO MUCH" on the card and for this one, my customer just asked me to replace the MISS with LOVE. She requested this card for her anniversary and Valentine's day occasion :).

I gotta say that this is one of my favourite designs to make. One reason is because of the wordings. I love the effect it gives to the card. Simple as it may seem, it's not that simple to make. It's worth the trouble though :).

I've been wanting to try to do this design in a different colour combination but didn't have the chance to do it yet. Hopefully I'll get a colour combination I really like and do it sometime this year ;)


Thank you so much Cik Farizam and Cadlynn!! ;)
adeqmas90 said…
chanteknya..i nk order bole x? cmne yer?
Boleh...do email me for orders at inaabdul_21@yahoo.com.
Nisha Ramlan said…
sis..pls pm me price for this design :)
email me at :

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