I miss u so much


In my previous post, I was working on carving those lettering on paper. The lettering turned out well I must say in the end. I'm pretty happy with the results. I was a bit worried in the beginning but now I'm really loving this particular lettering template a lot all because of the font :) I use this technique a lot for my bookmarks but rarely use it for my handmade cards the past few years. I did do this technique quite a lot in 2007 for my handmade cards though and carved out shapes of roses back then. :)

For this design, I was given the freedom to design it any way I wanted it. This card is actually for my customer's hubby. He is a MU fan. So she requested the card to have MU colors on it....that's why you see a lot of red and some yellow in this design. I didn't want to put any MU logos or whatever that has any relations to MU other than the colors. I made sure I put a lot of foam hearts as she loves foam hearts a lot. I sure did gave her a lot of it! hehe! 

I cut all the foam hearts by hand using my ordinary scissors. I just love making them especially in that particular shape. It was fun :). A good practice for me :).

In the beginning I was kinda lost on how to arrange them on the card and finally the idea just came to arrange them that way. There is no pop up, no decorations inside the card other than a paper inserted inside for writing in personal wishes. That was my customer's request......she wanted it simple like that. :) I'm really glad that she loved it :).


mangosteenskin said…
wah idea ni cute juga :)
Miss Syaz said…
Kak Lin, it's lovely..
Thank you Mango :)

Thank you Syazwani :)
Allia said…
hye...if i nk tempah yang ni boleh?look nice.....
Hi Alia...do email me at inaabdul_21@yahoo.com for orders ya. Thanks! :)

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