Red and green teddy bears



Red and green quilled heart and teddy bear bookmarks! Requested by a regular customer of mine who wanted these bookmarks to be in those colors with names hand-carved behind the bookmarks. :)

The green teddy bear is a design I've made before, so it's not something new. But the red one is new :). I uploaded photos of the green one anyways because the wordings behind the bookmark is obviously different and I just love how it looks hehee.

The size of the bookmark is standard in size but if you wish to write longer names, then the length of the bookmark would be longer otherwise it won't be able to fit in all the letters. You can view other samples of this type of bookmarks with names at the link HERE. :) 


There so cute, love the green one!!!
Mihaela said…
So sweet, great design and colors!
Cards by Cheryl said…
very cute both but the lime green is my favourite
Thank you all for your comments! Appreciate it! Yes, I favor the green one too! hehe!
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
cute teddy forever.....

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