FC Barcelona theme birthday card


First time for me to get an order to make a FC Barcelona theme birthday card. This order is from the same customer who ordered the teddy bear bookmarks recently. He loved the HB088 design I made and wanted me to do something similar to that but with the FC Barcelona theme of course :). And so I did! :)

The design for the front of the card is always tricky to do. Especially the quilled swirls. It can never turn out the same each time I make them. The first time I did it, it was a bit wavy and now it's just a simple bend. But I did put a lot of red seed beads this time around at the quilled swirls. Love doing that :).

I really wanted to do a Bookman Oldstyle Font for the alphabets like the one I did for HB088 but this time around there is one extra alphabet in the name and therefore the space is a little limited  to do that on the card in that style where I drew the outline of the font with gold glitters. So, I decided to just arrange the quilled shapes first and later line some gold glitters exactly at the side of each quilled alphabets. This method is much easier for me to do. And I really like it this way. I'm so glad that my customer didn't mind me doing it like that too. Yay! :)

I also did the pop up cake like the one in HB088 except that I changed the logo and  of course changed the  colors of the heart shapes a bit to blue. As long as it has that FC Barcelona colors in it, it's all good :).                                                                


IT's really beautiful, love the inside of card to, nice job!!!!
iYda Juhar said…
awesome :)

ape pon saye suke cake tersebut.
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! Appreciate it so much!!! :) :)
Mik said…
The technique of rolling the paper is very neat. I have never seen that before. Great job!!
Thank you so much Mik! Appreciate it! :)

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