Quilling alphabets


First time ever I got a request to quill alphabets on a card.....and in this case it's a love theme card. My customer was interested in the love birds card with the pop up inside but he wanted me to quill white alphabets instead of having those love birds on the card. And so that's what I did. 

It was pretty tough because I've never done it before.....and didn't know how to go about it. He requested that I spell their names with combination of big and small alphabets "KaMiL <3 SyiMa". Now that it's done, I wish I had done it on a bigger sized card....I feel like this card is a bit small for those alphabets....oh well.....it's already done and I can't turn back....lesson learned.

I hope that I will have more chance to practice quilling alphabets in future on my handmade cards. I feel like it's even more difficult than quilling those love birds :P....seriously! haha! Now I really respect those who can quill alphabets so well. :)


a said…
btol2..quill alphabet adlh tersangat2 mencabar..mencabar kesabaran..huhu
mangosteenskin said…
dan...terhasillah satu produk baru LHGC...sure lepas ni ada orang tiru...oops...hehehe.
Thank you Paula! :)

a...betul...memang mencabar kepala otak nak membuat quilled nih! Stress! haha!

Mango....ada ke yg nak tiru my quilled alphabets yg sempoi nih?? hehehehe...will wait and see ya hehe :D
Cards by Cheryl said…
what a great job Lin....they are not easy to do {at least for me}
Steph said…
Wow - what a pretty card! I love it!
Nur azimah said…
Salam perkenalan kak lin.nice work..imah follow k.visit my blog...
Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments! Appreciate it so much! :)

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