My first tri-shutter card


Finally!! I did it!! I've been wanting to do a tri-shutter card since last year but it never really turned out the way it's suppose to be! haha! I've looked up in Youtube on how to make it but it seemed so difficult to make and it demotivated me to try it. Until one day I saw for the first time how it's done by my fellow card maker Miss Azilah from Kadkukis or formerly known as CupCakeCraft & Handmade Card during our 2nd Quilling gathering in KL. I was so excited to watch her make her tri-shutter card. She did it really really fast! Seriously! Before you know it, it's done! :) Do check out her blog to see her amazingly gorgeous tri-shutter card at the link above.

For my first try, I did a big one, a half A4 sized card. I didn't decorated much on it apart from pasting different pattern papers I got from a good friend of mine who gave away her paper scraps some time ago to me. Thank you Sandi!! :)  So I used them wisely in this card combining similar shades of blue, orange and green paper. I was thinking of adding some quilled shapes on it but was a bit lazy to do so right now hahahaha. Perhaps in my other tri-shutter cards I'll do that ;).

At first I thought that the tri-shutter card was so thick it wouldn't fit in my handmade envelope, but surprisingly it fits!! Perhaps because I didn't paste anything that's 3D a lot on it. Well, will do more experiments on it for my next try and see how it goes.

I know now that if you really believe in your dreams, you can do it! I sure proved it by making this card and so can you!! ;)


CaDLyNN said…
kaklin mmg creative :)
Crafty Diva's said…
yeay..lin dh blh buat kad ni..
tu la masa geder2 tu tgk gak masa azilah potong2 kertas sampai ke bwh meja tu..
tk try lg..agak blh buat ke tak cam tu..
hehe...ha'ah, betul tu, sampai ke bawah meja dia buat kad tu kan try la buat, kalau Lin boleh Azihah pun boleh :)
Azilah said…
hehe ye ke saya buat sampai bawah meja? tu namanya saya yg kelam kabut.. try la buat kak aziha.. mesti lawa kalo combine dgn quilling..nampak je susah, tp senang je.. :)

kak lin,
thank u for mentioning our new name :) buat la lg trishutter ni, saya suka tgk. hehe
Hussena said…
beautiful card love the colors its so cheerful.
Anonymous said…
wow nicw combntion color lor... love it... dah try bt but d small2 1lor huhu
love love love this! tri-shutter kad, wat simple pun dah nampak naik :D tak sabar nak tengok 2nd edition lak. heheheh :P
Grace to You said…
This was so strange...when I saw the first picture I just stared at it for so long, because I couldn't get over the fact that you were using the same paper in Malaysia that I've used here in the US. I did not remember at all that I sent it to you till I read what you wrote! :D I was thinking it was so weird that we would both love the same paper. haha

I have to say, your card looks way more fabulous than anything I ever did with that paper!!!
Azilah...we love watching you work :) atas meja ke bawah meja ke...tak kisahlah, janji hasilnya marvelous! hehe! No problem with the mention, it's my pleasure to spread the news about your new blog name :)

Insyaallah, this won't be the last tri-shutter card I'll make, I know I'll be making more in future with quilling on it ;) hehe...tungguuuuuuuu

Thank you Hussena and CT ;)

Thank you so much As dear!So happy to know that you love it! :)

Sandi dear!! You are so funny was last year I think or was it in 2009 that you posted me those lovely paper scraps. I still have a lot of them waiting to be used for my tri-shutter cards :). So happy that you love what I've done with them :)
Atira Aidil said…
i've done this tri-shutter card for my bf's graduation day last year.. do check it out here
Indira Tanwar said…
This has come out really well Lin :)
Thank you Atira for the link and thank you Indira!! :)
sneha said…
ur work is realy vry nice.. cn u plz tel me hw did u do dat i mean stepwise..
i really loved it.. n m dying 2 mk 1.. plzzzzzzzzz.. :) can view the video tutorial made by Splitcoaststampers I uploaded at this post on how to make a trishutter card. Good luck! ;)
Anonymous said…
hey noor!the tri shutter card is so beautiful!<3..m gona try it for sure..but err..i watched d tuturiol video au posted.dre i culdnt get the tape she used to stick the ribbon part.:/..wats dat?..
I think it's a double sided tape...not sure what it's called actually. I've never used one before.
akak,yg tri shutter card nh,material kad ape dy gune biasanye?kertas keras ke cmne?ke kotak?hehe btw,sy suke sgt tgk akak nye hasil...sgt kreatif!!=)

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