Crochet flowers and leaves


Hehe! Finally I get to blog about my new experiment with crochet flowers and leaves. :) I've been practicing really hard with this craft for quite some time now. I still have not got it quite right though. But at least I'm better at it now then I was before. All thanks to my most patient crochet teacher hehe! :)

I used to crochet the flowers using the wool yarn....which was a bit thicker than the one I'm using now. I didn't like it that much so I changed the type of yarn for me to use for my handmade cards. I love this one much better. :)

I'm still new at this craft although I used to play a lot with crochet since small but I never really studied it closely, I just played with it so to rules, no specific measurements at all....I just crochet in my own way which was not the right way .......just wanted to have fun with it. But now, I want to do it right. :)
This card I made was just something simple that I came up with to see how my crochet flowers and leaves would look on a card. Nothing fancy in design at's as simple as can be. :)


Cards by Cheryl said…
oh Lin...these are the cutest little flowers. I love them!
Thank you so much Cheryl! :)
Karuna said…
oh lovely!! these are really pretty!
CT said…
Lin,arini sy baru p blaja knitting n crochet sbb nk letak kt kad...lin dh awl2 lg buat dulu..CONGRAT!!
DoodleDesign said…
mak oii, rajennyer... ish ish ish. hang mmg bergeliga, lin. heheheh
Lin, these are simply adorable! Love your work!

You should sell them as embellishments too *wink*. Hehe..
Thank you all for the lovely comments. Yes I would love to sell them. Been thinking of doing that for quite some time now hehehe.

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