Craft products for sale

Hello everyone!

I've been getting a lot of inquiries regarding craft products for card making for quite some time now. Before this I've never had the time to spare on selling them. But this year I want to start selling some craft products like craft punch, embellishments, tools etc for card making. Selected items only ya hehehe.

I don't have a lot of craft products in stock at the moment for sale here. I am still collecting some products and also in the process of producing some embellishments for sale. I've already made a new page at my blog under the title "CRAFT PRODUCTS FOR SALE". You can click on the tab to see what I'm selling there at the moment. Like I mentioned earlier, I don't have a lot in stock. But in time I will be adding more and more new items there. 

If you are interested in purchasing craft punch and couldn't find any preferred shapes at your place, do email me for inquiries. I can check for availability of the product in case they are still in stock. All you have to do is just email me your the shapes you are looking for and I'll try my best to provide it for you :). 

The embellishments that I mentioned are items that are made from paper, crochet, foam, felt to name a few. These will be made into flowers, leaves and heart shapes. You can even make requests of the shapes that you wish to buy from me. I'll try my best to supply it for you.

In other words, if you are looking for craft products for your card making needs, do email me. I might be able to help supply them for you! ;)

Thank you for your support! ;)


atie zakaria said…
still ada lg x craft punch sbb ssh la nk cr.. if do msj me (0178854108)

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