Black felt electric guitar


:) Finally I get to blog again here today hehehe with the help of my aunt's laptop again but but but......I'm not quite satisfied with the photos I'm sharing here with you today. Due to the problem with my PC, I am not able to upload photos I took of this new design using my digital camera...instead I had to use photos I took with my hand phone instead for this post today. The colors are not that clear and the sharpness of the photo is not up to my satisfaction either but no worries because I have kept the nice photos of this design elsewhere so that when my PC is fixed I will upload them here to replace the ones shown here today hehehe!

I've made an electric guitar before but I made it using foam can view the card I made before at the link HERE.......but this time around my customer insist that I use felt materials. I've never in my life used felt before in any of my card designs. I've never bought any before either. Luckily there are a few people who are selling them online and I managed to get in touch with one who had the colors I was looking for. Felt materials are quite expensive but I got a good bargain hehe :). So for the first time ever, I played with felt. Quite interesting really....didn't even know how to draw the pattern on it etc etc.....lucky me coz I got some tutorials from the seller herself and I successfully managed to cut out the pattern of the electric guitar. Phew! What an experience! hehe!

Another issue was how to make the pop up inside the card. I had a hard time deciding a pattern for that one. Finally I came up with this pop up music notes that popped at the top and bottom of the birthday wish. I wish I could have done more with it but didn't have any other ideas my customer insist on those colors only and must only have music notes as part of the design. Nothing else. So that's all I was allowed to add in it. I'm so glad that my customer is happy with my design! hehe! I love it too and didn't want to part with it actually huhu. Perhaps one day I'll make another one with my favorite color hehe!


Yuenie said…
such a cute guitar! =) the strings must have been tricky though. nice work!
Philippa said…
Brilliant - the guitar looks just like a Fender Stratocaster, and it works really well in the felt. I like the musical notes, too ...
Cards by Cheryl said…
Don't worry, your pictures are perfect. They are nice and bright and easy to see the details. I haven't worked much with felt either but have been looking on etsy to buy some really good wool felt. I know you can run it through a cuttlebug and cut out shapes with nestabilities dies so that is my plan.

I am glad you can use your aunts laptop so we can still see what you are up to. I am very lucky that my partner works with computers so if I ever have a problem it is always fixed for me....I would not have a clue how to fix it my self.
Lin this is just awesome. Great job! Hope your PC is fixed soon!
love the guitar, fancy card, love it!
Happy Quilling said…
I think your quitar card "rocks":)) It is so nice! I like your work a lot, Lin, and I added your address in my bloglist so I can follow you up as much as possible, so I was wondering, would you mind adding my blog address on your blogroll, too? The address is

Thanks a lot! Diana from Happy Quilling
Antonella said…
Lin - what a great card... love the guitar!! hugs, antonella :-)
Thank you all for your lovely comments! I've also added your quilling blogs in my blog list :) Yes....the guitar strings was pretty tricky to sew on the felt but it was worth the trouble hehe!
As said…
wow! the the pop-up!!!! :D
fio said…
This is lovely! I was musically inspired today too! I quilled some musical notes for a violin ornament -- pictures here:

I hope you like it, and if you do like my blog, could you blogroll me?

Thank you!
einz said…
beautiful guitar....hee...can i have piano or keyboard??ngeee

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