Sending LOVE your way...


:) :) :) I'm so happy that I get to post this teddy bear card here today. I wanted to do so yesterday but I didn't feel well, got fever. I feel a little less feverish today and I just couldn't wait to share this with my readers! :)

I made this card especially for the November blog giveaway. It's not that complicated to do but it involves a lot of paper! hehehe! Yup! Paper for the teddy itself. But I do enjoy making it! And I'm excited as well as I get to use the clear stamp "Sending LOVE your way" that was given to me by my good friend CC. She gave me quite a few of those clear stamps for me to use in exchange for the owl cards I made for her. I still have a lot more clear stamps that I have not used because I haven't gotten the ideas yet hehehe.

The first time I made the quilled teddy bears, I made the face and body bulging outward to make it look chubby. But I realised by doing that, the card has difficulty getting into the envelope because the  teddy bear became quite thick. Which means that I have to make a bigger and wider envelope to fit the card in it. I also realised that it's difficult for me to decorate the face with eyes and lips for the teddy bear when the face is in convex form. I tried to draw the eyes and lips using a black pen, but I failed to make it look neat. And the surface of the quilled paper is so rough too, making it harder to draw on it. So in the end, I left the face and body flat! That way, it's easier for me to glue the tiny sequins for the eyes and black paper for the lips. :) I'm so happy how it all turned out in the end! :) :) :)


MisS NadRAH said…
aii sis...
your artwork is very sweet n nice=)
Nur Qistina said…
yay! teddy ni dah ada it...

mr teddy, please send ur love to me..ngee~

Nur Qistina said…
yay! teddy ni dah ada it...

mr teddy, please send ur love to me..ngee~

Lin this is absolutely wonderful!!!

The teddy bear is so gosh darn cute!

I hope you are feeling better.
Nadrah...thank you!

Qistina...thank you!

Christina...thank you! I'm getting better, thank you dear :)

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