Quilled crescent


Last year, I made the half moon or crescent for my Eid cards using foam. This year time since most of the decorations on my Eid cards are made using the quilling technique, so I decided to try making the quilled crescent for my latest Eid card design.

I made this card so fast.....so much so that I didn't even prepare the wordings for it. hehehe. So it's just like that for the time being until I have the mood to think about the wordings. :D I plan to use this for myself......believe it or not....I myself didn't have the time to make Eid cards for my own use. I have been so busy making for customers instead. Perhaps after the Eid I will make them and give to my friends. Hope to find the time to do so :)


Allycat said…
Lovely Lin! NIce bright colour combo xx
Allycat....thanks dear! :)

Ann....thank you! :)

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