Love theme birthday card


During the fasting month I got an order to remake this birthday card for my customer. She was very much interested in this design. This is actually a birthday card design that I made some time ago for a customer of mine. Have a look at the original design at the link HERE. But for this new customer, I was asked to do the wordings on the front of the card with a simple "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" instead of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAYANG".

I must say that trying to remake this pop up design was the toughest for me. In the end I had to change the pop up a bit from the original design. And I think this new pop up I made is much easier to do compared to the original one hehehe. This design is definitely a lot of work! This is the thing about  remaking handmade can never really get it to look exactly 100% from the original.....there will always be something that's a little different no matter how hard you try. Sometimes I even forget how I did it in the first place! LOL! :D Because it was all spontaneously done at the time....the mood I was in was different as a lot of things were taken into consideration when it comes to handmade artwork.....what you feel inside at that particular moment will show in your artwork. Believe it ....or not. :)


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