Happy Engagement


I received an order from my Mom's friend a while back......but I only got the chance to complete the order today. Gosh....thank God her friend was not upset with me for completing it so late...huhuhu. I'm so glad that she is very happy with the design though heheee. Actually the design is similar as the wedding card  design I made some time ago. Except that I changed the color from soft blue to soft purple. Changed the type of ribbon as well....and also made some changes with the pop up design inside. You can view the wedding card  design at the link HERE

I love simple designs like this. Not too complicated to get done and looks fancy enough for wedding cards and for engagement too. I guess what's important when it comes to this type of design is to choose the right ribbons and laces....something fancy....that should do the trick :).  Plus, a good quality card stock would be good too...especially if it is the embossed type or has metallic shine to it. :)


Asma' Ahmad said…
aww! the lace make the card so sweet! ^^
hehehe....thanks...I love that soft purple lace too...a sweet color! :)
littlenailofar said…

tiba2 rasa mcm nak kawen sebab nak buat kad macam ni for wedding invitation card. hehehe...

-jaja ost-
hehehehe! ye ke Jaja? sama lah kita hehehehe! Thanks!
Allycat said…
So gorgeous Lin, love the soft look in my fave colour. The lace is simply beautiful. I do like the scattered little hearts as well.xx

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