Selamat Pengantin Baru!


This was a last minute order from my Mom's friend. Seriously I was thinking of declining the order but since she said I can do whatever I want with the design, I thought to myself, hmmmm.....why not?! Just do it! hihihihihi!

Why I choose soft blue, white and silver colors for this design ?Because it was the same colors of the wedding invitation card my customer received from her friend. So I thought why not use the same combo. It's sweet :) I opted for an emboss white paper for the base of the card. I have not been using this type of paper for quite a it was nice to use it again for this design. It's suitable for this type of occasion.

I was also asked to do a pop up inside. But I was wondering how to do so vertically since I had to also put in the card quite a long text she prepared for me. After much thought, I decided to try out something I've been thinking of doing sometime back. Which is the square pop up, that I usually do for horizontal cards. I kinda like the idea...hehehe.....square pop ups are so easy to do and can paste any shape on it. Thank God my customer loved it so much. I was kinda fact I always worry.....I worry too much sometimes hehehehe.....oh well! :)


fadz fadzil said…
lin, so sweet color soft blue tuuu.. very romantic... gud work !!!
LeaQistina said…
Luv dis card too!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Fadz.... :)

Thank you LeaQistina.... :)

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