27 candles...


Another order I took during the fasting month of a love theme birthday card. I made this design some time ago and my customer was really interested to order it. But she requested that I put only 27 candles at the pop up cake because it's her husband's 27th birthday. So that's what I did. See the original design at the link HERE

This pop up cake is also another pop up that is very time consuming and difficult to do. One mistake can ruin the whole pop up. But I'm so happy that the pop up worked out fine after I glued it inside the card. The most critical stage is during the process of gluing it inside the card. Once glued......there's no turning back.

Since there were only 27 candles made......so for the smallest cake at the top, I couldn't put anymore candles. That's when I decided to cut out the number 27 and paste it at the top so that it doesn't look so empty. I must say that this design is one of my favourites! Hope it's yours too! :)


Allycat said…
A really lovely card Lin, I love the colours you have chosen. The front is gorgeous with the outline on the hearts.
asma HazeLnut said…
kak lin..believe or not..saye kire candle tu ..iyelah...27...hahaha...cantikk!!
Thank you so much Ally :). I love it too...hehhehehe

hehehehe....Asma...you kira candles tu?? hehehe....memang la 27, just like the customer requested hehehe....Thanks dear!
ShwariaT said…
Really beautiful Lin... one of my favourite...
Thank you Shawaria :) It's one of my favourite too hehe..
Sandeep Kumar said…
This is so lovely candle which you have shared. It's only the whole mood to add to the magic light as well as special cake that is not used. There are some traditions that are associated with the birthday candle gifts.

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