Something old + something new....


OK!!! This design is not's the same old design like HB014. But the difference is that it's bigger in size. This one is half the size of an A4 paper and the old one is 13cm x 18cm. HB014 has a different pop up inside's a pop up lip and this one is a pop up cake. This is a request from my customer. She wanted me to combine both designs in one card. :)

The old design was made using a different type of paper and the color was slightly different too, it was cream in color. But since that paper is now out of stock, I replaced it with this beige color paper. I think the beige color suits the design too don't you think?? :)

As for the pop up's the same design as the pop up cake in HB048 except that she requested that I change the color of the cake to match the design of the card. :)


fafa said…
suka bangat sama ini card!! heheheh rase yum2 je cake tuh...
Azlina Abdul said…
hehehe! Thanks Fafa! :)

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