Red quilled owl


I got a little crazy and made the owl red in color! LOL! I just wanted to see what it looks like if the owl was made using red paper black paper. Usually the color for owls would be in earth tones....but I simply wanted to see if it would look good with this combination.What do you think?? Does it look ok to you? Somehow I still prefer the earth tone combination as it looks more natural.

I haven't done the codes for the quilled owls yet.......nor have I done the envelopes for them either. I'm just experimenting with the idea for a while. I will be uploading the photos of the set of cards and envelopes once I'm done experimenting hehehehe......


FiqaSaleh said…
its cool... heheheh..look like an emo owl.. hehehhehe
Emo owl?? hahahaha! True! Looks like it's angry or something right? LOL! :D
CC said…
OMG! I think it's cute & would make it good for Christmas colors in the U.S.! :D
You keep experimenting!
Love you!
For Christmas ya? Good idea sweetie! Thank you...and I'm so glad you love it too...I'll keep on experimenting!

Love you too!
Allycat said…
He is such a cutie, I love the colours and the frame.
Thank you Ally.... I love him too! hehehe!

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